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  Select brief notes about place names throughout the state, with an emphasis on towns.

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Photo above on Left:  The community of Landusky is named for
Powell "Pike" Landusky, reputed to be one of the toughest rough-and-tumble fighters of the west, who was killed by Kid Curry in 1894.

Place Names of Towns and Landmarks (S)
County location in parenthesis; place names are towns unless indicated otherwise. Condensed from the 1957 Montana Almanac.

Saco (Phillips) - town whose name is presumably a contraction of Sacajawea, Indian guide of Lewis & Clark
Salem (Cascade) - station named for Salem, Massachusetts later changed to Underdahl
Salesville (Gallatin) - town named for a farmer & merchant by the name of Sales; now Gallatin Gateway
Saltese (Mineral) - town named in honor of Chief Saltese, who resided here some years ago
Sanders (Sanders) - town & county named for U.S. Senator W.F. Sanders, pioneer, vigilante, statesman Sappington (Jefferson) - station named for Henry H. Sappington, property owner there
Savage (Richland) - station named for Mr. Savage, supervising engineer for the U.S. reclamation service
Schatz (Powell) - town named for an old German storekeeper
Schley (Missoula) - station established in 1899 & named in honor of Rear Admiral Schley, U.S. Navy
Scobey (Daniels) - town & county seat named after Major Scobey, agent of Fort Peck Indian Reservation
Scott (Fergus) - town named for an engineer of the Great Northern Railway company, now McDonnell
Seeley (Powell) - lake named for J. R. Seeley, first white man to live there
Selway (Powder River) - town named after the Selway brothers , early cattlemen of the section.
Seven Mile Creek (Lewis & Clark) - creek named for the distance from Silver City, once a county seat
Seymour Creek (Deer Lodge) - creek named fro Johnny Seymour, old time placer miner of French Gulch
Shawmut (Wheatland) - station named after a rancher & post office of that name
Shed's Bridge (Custer) - town thatís name was later changed to Bonfield
Shelby (Toole) - town & county seat, named after Peter P. Shelby, a vice president of the Northern Pac.
Sheperd (Yellowstone) - town & station named after R. E. Sheperd, pres. of Billings Land & Irrigation Co. Sheridan (Madison) - town, station, county named for Gen. Philip S. Sheridan, military commander in MT
Shields River - tributary of the Yellowstone River; named by Wm Clark in 1806, for an expedition member
Shirley (Custer) - station named after a U.S. army officer who camped there in 1876
Shonkin (Chouteau) -station named for a ranch of the Shonkin Ranch Company in that vicinity
Sidney (Richland) - town & county seat, named after Sidney Walters in 1888
Silesia (Carbon) - town, named for Silesia Springs near by, from the name of chemical contents of the water
Silver Bow (Silver Bow) - county & creek, possibly after silver
Silvertip (Flathead) - station named because of its location in the Glacier Park mountain region
Sioux Pass (Richland) - town named for Indian trail of Sioux Indians near here
Sipple (Judith Basin) - station named for a family of early settlers
Sixteen Mile (Meagher) - station named for Sixteen Mile Creek
Skones (Silver bow) - station named after Mike Skones, at one time roadmaster
Skyline (Lewis & Clark) - station named because of its location at the summit of the Rocky Mountains
Slaughterhouse Creek (Meagher) - creek named after a nearby slaughterhouse
Slayton (Golden Valley) - station named for D. W. Slayton, early settler and sheepman
Sleeping Child Creek (Ravalli) - creek named by the Indians, said to have been Weeping Child originally
Smead (Sanders) - station established in 1891 & named after W. H. Smead of Missoula, a lumber mill owner
Smith River (Fergus) - river named by Lewis & Clark in 1805, in honor of Robert Smith, Sec. of Navy
Spain (Gallatin) - station named because the right of way was acquired from R. V. Spain
Sphinx (Park) - station named after formation in the vicinity, resembling a sphinx
Spion Kop (Judith Basin) - station named for a battle in the Boer War
Spotted Robe (Glacier) - station formerly called Kilroy, a translated Indian name of a Blackfoot chief
Spire Rock (Jefferson) - station so named because of its location near a bare dome of granite
Spring Gulch (Missoula) - station opposite from gulch through which flows Spring Creek
Spring Hill (Gallatin) - station whose name suggest its origin
Spring Hill (Lewis & Clark) - mine whose name suggest its origin
Springdale (Park) - station & town & stopping place for those going to Hunter's Hot Springs north of here
Sprole (Roosevelt) - town named for Major Sprole, Indian Agent at one time in charge of Fort Peck
Spurling (Stillwater) - station named after J. E. Spurling, district freight & passenger agent at Billings
Square Butte (Chouteau) - station named because of its proximity to a square butte
St. Regis (Mineral) - town named from St. Regis de Borgia River
Stanford (Judith Basin) - town named after Stanfordville, New York, or for Major James T. Stanford
Stavely (Fergus) - station of the Great Northern Railway, named for early resident Stavely Hamilton
Steele Creek (Beaverhead) - creek, named for Mike Steele, who discovered placer on one of its bars
Stemple (Lewis & Clark) - town, named for J. A. Stemple, who located the Stemple Mining district
Sternes (Lewis & Clark) - town, named for brothers who were pioneer settlers of that region
Stevensville (Ravalli) - town named for Isaac I. Stevens, 1st governor of Washington Territory
Stillwater (Stillwater) - county, named from the river, because of a sandy ford located near the mountains
Stinking Water Creek (Beaverhead) - creek named after Indian "Pasamaria," meaning "stinking water"
Stipek (Dawson) - town named after J. J. Stipek of Glendive, proprietor of the Bee Hive cash store
Stone (Granite) - station named because of the many large stones in the vicinity
Stone Creek (Custer) - town named from a house built of stone, used as a stopping place in the early days
Story (Gallatin) - station named after Nelson Story, prominent resident of Bozeman
Straw (Fergus) - town named for W. O. Straw, rancher, who owned the townsite
Stuart (Silver Bow) - station named after Granville & James Stuart, miners in 1858
Suffolk (Fergus) - station named after owner of the Suffolk ranch
Summit (Glacier) - station at the crossing between the crazy & Castle Mountains, renamed Loweth
Summit (Glacier) - station at highest point in the Marias Pass through which the GN Railroad passed
Sunburst (Toole) - town named because the rising sun would burst over the Sweet Grass Hills
Superior (Mineral) - town & county seat, named Superior in 1869 by a man from Superior, Wisconsin
Sutherland (Prairie) - town named for J. R. Sutherland, a resident of that vicinity
Sweet Grass (Sweet Grass) - county named for abundance of the famous sweet grass in Melville area
Sykes (Carter) - town named for Senator Harry Sykes


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